Too many guitarists, not enough musicians

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TheFretBuzz knows music. You will too.

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Hundreds of lessons

TheFretBuzz is a dynamic online library containing hundreds of expertly crafted courses & lessons with more added every month!

Something for everyone

Whether you're a beginning musician looking to get a solid footing in The Way of the Guitar or a more advanced player seeking out a fresh approach to composition, improv, or ear training, TheFretBuzz offers courses and lessons designed to suit your needs.

Awesome and non-threatening

Musicality is the paramount objective at The’Buzz. Our sense of time, groove, melody, tone, dynamics, feel, sensitivity, knowledge, language, harmony - and how we integrate them all into our own uniqueness is what we strive to balance and foster our entire lives. Our goal is not some definitive work to perform or some Shangri-La-dee-da destination where we can say, "My music has arrived." It’s about the journey.


Thumb renae

I love the buzz! It's amazing! Changed my life! Renae

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I love the convenience of the SKYPE lessons. Plus, every time I have a lesson Mr. Pearce makes me feel like a rock star. Even if I know I'm having a bad lesson his personality and teaching style are encouraging and supportive. I always leave a lesson feeling like I can achieve anything. Law

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I am looking forward to hooking up over skype on personalized lessons! Awesome idea with FretBuzz. To those who are thinking of signing up - Greg is just a phenomenal instructor - and to offer up his time in such a way is a huge gift to us guitar students. Harshad

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Greg is an adaptive guitar teacher that is willing to guide you on the journey to find you true musical self. The way Greg allows each session to be an organic experience helps his students find their own voices makes the learning process unique and exciting. Damon

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The lessons are great..I have improved my speed and accuracy by leaps and bounds. I love the humor in the lessons. It keeps me coming back! Randy

Thumb hayden

..I have to thank you for helping me improve my skill and fluency on guitar throughout high school. I wouldn't have been able to apply to Berklee without your guidance. Thanks for everything! Hayden

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I've been taking lessons from Greg for the past few months and it has been a blast! I've rapidly improved my knowledge in music, sight reading, and overall skill in playing. The lessons are customized to fit my skill and understanding and he is always available for clarifications. Nilanka