Foo Fighters and a bunch of dedicated Italians

Posted by Gregoire on August 01, 2015

Medium foo fighters

What day is today? Oh right, August 1st and it's another humid, brain melting day at the Atlantic Northeast TheFretBuzz HQ. A couple of days ago, a short film created by Fabio Zaffagnini and directed by Alberto Viavattene was sent to the Mighty Dave Grohl and the other Foos. The ultimate fan mail. A testament to the love that their community has for the artists that make them feel inspired, to dance, to love, to run real fast. One thousand musicians converged on Cesena, Italy to record their version of Learn To Fly by the Foos in an effort, as a plea, to have Foo Fighters play in their beloved city.

Quite the undertaking! Dave's response is further evidence of his complete down to earth-ed-ness and genuine connection to Foo Fighters fans. Musicians from former incarnations of Foo Fighters may have different things to say about Dave and his ethics but we the public, the aficionados of fine rock & roll hold him in fine, fine regard.