A Rey of Sunshine

Posted by Gregoire on April 26, 2015

Medium antonio rey

There are names that folks in the Americas know to be staples of certain international disciplines. We know Pelé but probably not so much about Garrincha. Andre Segovia and Marcin Dylla are never [and for good reason] uttered in the same breath. Elio de Angelis and Mario Andretti were both race car pilots but the existence of the latter is more widely known, dig?

When we think of famous flamenco guitarists some staple names come to mind. Ramon Montoya, Paco de Lucia, maybe Paco Peña or Manolo Sanlucar. But a myriad of stellar technicians and musical thinkers lie beneath the crust of flamenco literature and performance. Enter Antonio Rey. King Antonio, in other words. His rasgueados, picados, and phrasing are dead-on accurate and strikingly beautiful. Like an 80-mile per hour steam train wearing lipstick and a shapely, flowery dress. What I mean to say is Antonio's playing is drop dead gorgeous but he'll run you right over. He run you down!