Posted by Gregoire on April 20, 2015

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From TheFretBuzz on Instagram.

So when you’re writing in G major, experiment with this voicing of Gmaj13 (g a d f# e). It’s a lil’ muddy when strummed because of the adjacent G and A in the bass BUT it makes for a beautiful arpeggio or spread chord. Sometimes we just need to rock out on thick chords like this, all Dean DeLeo style so consider omitting the 5th string by muting with the 2nd finger's pad and settle for the 1st finger's A on the 3rd string. Big down stroke, huge up stroke? Either way, you win.


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Try using this chord as the IV chord in the key of D. It's gorgeous because it shares the D, F# & A with Dmaj as the I chord. It's also nice as the bVI chord in a modal interchange situation.

Gregoíre on May 12, 2015