Medium the hatchling electrophile

The Hatchling Guitarist, Part 1

Beginner · Modern Pick Style · 10 Lessons

There's nothing more perfect than being a beginner at a musical instrument. We here at TheFretBuzz feel a particular gravity to the guitar but it...

Medium the hatchling guitarist 201

The Hatchling Guitarist, Part 2

Beginner · Modern Pick Style · 8 Lessons

Well alright! Seems like we're moving right along. In The Hatchling Guitarist 201 we take our new found knowledge of string names, technique, tone ...

Medium chord analysis

Chords for Beginning Guitarists

Beginner · Modern Pick Style · 6 Lessons

This course is devoted entirely to the construction, analysis and performance of chords. It will take two approaches, the first of which is an inte...

Medium rhythm 1

Rhythms, Part 1

Beginner · Modern Pick Style · 7 Lessons

Rhythm is great when you have a natural sense for it. Even if you don't have a god given gift for rhythm, you can still learn it. In this course,...

Medium strumming 1

Championship Rhythm Guitar 1

Beginner · Modern Pick Style · 5 Lessons

In this course we'll get very engaged with treating the guitar as a percussive instrument. Some strumming patterns can be very easy to feel and oth...

Medium modern music i

Modern Music Literature I

Beginner · Modern Pick Style · 3 Lessons

There are varying degrees to ones level of expertise when it comes musicianship skills, non? Not every tune, technique, discipline, sight reading e...

Medium arpeggios 1

Intro to Arpeggios

Beginner · Modern Pick Style · 2 Lessons

Arpeggios I is geared for people who are new to the guitar or for those who have been playing rhythm style guitar, you know, strumming chords and t...

Medium scale workshop 101

Scale Workshop 101

Beginner · Modern Pick Style · 5 Lessons

Learning scales and knowing them are two very different things. To most studying guitarists the process of learning scales is tedious [understateme...