The Hatchling Guitarist, Part 1

Beginner · Modern Pick Style · 10 Lessons

There's nothing more perfect than being a beginner at a musical instrument. We here at TheFretBuzz feel a particular gravity to the guitar but it's certainly true of all instruments that the sounds and emotions are all new. The feeling of the neck, the resistance of the strings, the sore fingers, sweat, tears, new listening habits, the bliss with your success, the good days and the bad ones... They all influence the musical mold you have now decided to pour yourself into.

This entry level course takes into account that the new student is blissfully and beautifully ignorant about the guitar. Through these Vid'jos™ she, he, and they will become aware of the parts of acoustic and electric guitars, how to hold the instrument, how to read music, where the notes are on the fingerboard, how to hold a pick and strum, play scales, beginning exercises, and the list goes on. Here is a good place for me to pipe down and for you, the hatchling/reviewing guitarists, to pick up your axes and get to it.

Guitar, An Anatomy

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

In this session we discover the parts of a Tom Anderson S Classic, a T Classic , a Heritage H - 550, and a hand made classical guitar. Whereas these types represent only a handful of the many types of guitars that are made, the info in this vid'jo is generally applicable to the many other types that are built all 'round the earth.

Tone Production on the Guitar D'Electrique

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

Taking things slowly when learning an instrument is difficult to do. You want to be expressive and proficient NOW! Believe you me, if you practice slowly, efficiently, and in a relaxed way, your muscles will move flawlessly every time you play a note. In this session we discuss tone production, rest & free strokes, alternate picking, harmonics, beginning barre chords, and some easy exercises to coordinate your two hands. Expressiveness, musicality, and technical virtuosity will be yours for the taking!! Watch this Vid'jo and go pillage!

String Names & Beginning Pick Practice

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

This short session from TheFretBuzz™ has the beginning pick style player in mind. We discuss the names of the strings, introduce down and up strokes, and practice through some picking exercises together on the open strings.

Placing Notes on the Fingerboard

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

So important are these times in your playing. Ready for this?! Whether you're a complete beginner or seasoned technician with a less than perfect theory background, this lesson is the beginning of taking the frightening mystery out of reading, playing, and creating your music. In this Vid'jo™ we unveil unalienable truths about where the notes lie on the fingerboard, the musical alphabet, and how to read the notes in first position. Please also go through the material in the session called Reading Notes for the Guitar. Word?

Reading Notes, One Guitarist's Journey into Madness

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

Is it necessary to be musical? Absolutely not, but knowing how to read and write music will open new and important doors for your musical existence. Your improvisations, compositions, arrangements, and musical interactions with other players will mean so much more. There can not be anything more important for the communication of music than notation. Aside from passing it down, mother to daughter, father to son, notation it is used for cataloguing the musical experience and culture of generations passed. This Vid'jo outlines the note 'reading' experience from recognizing notes of the staff, string assignments, fingerings, and assigning notes to particular strings.

Chromatic Workout on a Single String

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

In this flagship Vid'jo™, with one camera in an old music library basement, TheFretBuzz™ was born. We began by encouraging guitar students to play cleanly and evenly with good finger and hand postures, alternate picking their notes, and maintaining a positive, hopeful mindfulness about their artistic pursuits. Practice slowly and evenly all of you all!

Chromatic Calesthenics

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

This segment from TheFretBuzz™ focuses on making your technique as consistent and intense as possible by working each finger in a two octave chromatic scale. We focus on maintaining finger posture, proximity to the fret, alternate picking, and pressure to ensure that your notes are clean as you work on exchanging fingers and developing speed and dexterity.

Introduction to Chords

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

In this Vid'jo™ the beginning guitarist learns how to play major, minor and dominant 7 chords and arpeggios in first position. Preferred fingerings for each are discussed for each and there are opportunities to create and play a chord progression along with me using quarter note down strokes. Allow yourself the opportunity to make mistakes. This is one of the best bits of advice I can give along with of course practicing slowly and in a stress free, relaxed way. Good work everyone!

Muting, An Overview

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

Playing and writing music isn't always about which sounds are chosen. It's equally about space and how to make it happen from a technical point of view on your instrument. On the guitar, you can use certain pressure against the strings with either hand to produce a dampened effect or an outright silence. Go get dirty!

A Simple Blues Progression, Explained

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

In this here Vid'jo session on beginning blues guitar we learn about the A, D, & E chords which lay down the harmonic framework in a very simple blues progression in the key of A major. We also discuss and play through a swing feel which is an integral part of making a blues sound like the blues. John and Jane student also will learn their first turnaround, playing with a shuffle feel, and counting. Wash, rinse, repeat.