Championship Rhythm Guitar 1

Beginner · Modern Pick Style · 5 Lessons

In this course we'll get very engaged with treating the guitar as a percussive instrument. Some strumming patterns can be very easy to feel and others quite difficult. This aim of this course is to provide some numerical normalcy and anatomical science to strumming so you can, with practice, play any strumming pattern to fit the repertoire you're playing. Dig?

Strumming 1a

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

Being at the beginning of your musical practice on the guitar is a beautiful but potentially dangerous place to be. You have the ability, right now, to study the right things and practice them well. Here, we begin practicing how to strum the guitar cleanly using down and up strokes. Have fun, be patient, and get ready to tear apart boundaries that confine beginning pickers. Get to work!

Strumming 2a

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

It's all about groove, rhythm & a cleanly produced sound. Listen everybody, strumming is key to keeping your performance of a song sounding pro, pro, pro.

In this session we work on performing half and quarter notes using down and up strokes.

5 Progressive Patterns for Beginners

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

If you think you've got what it takes to hold a pick, count AND focus then you are, in all likelihood, going to be able to strum a groove with some even gah-roovier chords!

In this lesson, you'll put your knowledge of half, quarter, and eighth note values into practice by performing 5 progressive patterns that can then be mashed-up into any number of combinations. Let's get down!

Million Dollar Strumming, no. 1

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

In this session we analyze and perform a modern, bluesy waltz in the key of Bmi. Which waltz, you ask? Ha! We'll never tell. It takes into account a shuffle feel, delaying eighth note upstrokes, counting dotted quarter values, and so on. This session is intended for the beginning or reviewing intermediate player. No matter your level, you'll have an absolute blast strumming this progression. Thank you and good night.

Developing a Groove in 6/8 Time

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

In this lesson we discuss how to create a rhythm in 6/8 time which is a compound meter, non? You'll count & play through a variety of rhythms and become familiar with strumming norms that are particular to this meter. Enjoy yourselves thoroughly!