Rhythms, Part 1

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Rhythm is great when you have a natural sense for it. Even if you don't have a god given gift for rhythm, you can still learn it. In this course, we will uncover the organization of sound and silence. Note values, rests, ties, groove, dotted notes, time signatures, duplet & compound meter, polyrhythms and much more, non?


Half & Whole Notes

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

A whole note means that four beats of a sound are played. The sound could be a note or chord, an ape grunt, or a tug boat horn but it has to last for four beats against a steady pulse. Half notes last for two beats. Lots of folks scoff at the simplicity of these two note values but there is tremendous musical importance to them both. Have fun everybody!

Quarter Notes & Rests

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

If it's got zero groove then the gig is up. You have good tone developing, non? Then get your internal clock going too by making your rhythmic precision just as in intense as your tone. Quarter notes represent one beat of sound in the simple meters like 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4 time. Practice them as up strokes as well as down. Be patient with your practice and your work will rewarded a hundred times over.

16th Notes

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

In this lesson, the importance of rhythm and groove are brought to light and applied to the guitar, and your life. Sixteenth notes in common time are a musical measurement equal to a quarter of one beat. You're going to love this vid'jo! And now a poem...

Music isn't much without rhythm I think we all can agree Groove is something you feel, not something you see the mechanized, cog driven, industrialist ...a slamming percussionist

How To Use A Metronome

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TheFretBuzz is not only a dynamic guitar education library and dessert topping but it's also a reader of thoughts. You are about to view this lesson because you want to be able to play music that is rhythmically precise. You want to channel Manu Katche, Buddy Rich, & Fred Estaire into your guitar playing. Well, this lesson is a very good first step toward your new rhythmic powerhouse self. It's just about time that we develop that internal clock of yours. Good luck, grasshopper!

Accenting v. Counting

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Time can be a funny thing. Funny like perplexing, not funny "ha ha".

In this Vid'jo we take a look at two forms of G# pentatonic minor and place stress within our melody just before, right after, and sometimes dead on the beat. Sure, one could play the motíf straight with no accents but we stand to gain a whole lot of musical character if we stress certain notes that don't happen where our listeners expect, no?


Take you time, alternate pick, and enunciate the divisions of each beat with your voice as each note is played!


Beginner · Modern Pick Style

In these Vid'jos the theme is syncopation. Syncopation is a general upheaval of the expected rhythmic accents in a piece. In other words, when an accent is placed on a beat where there usually isn't any stress. Enjoy the groove!

Creativity With Rhythms

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

This is where you manage the merger between sound and timing. Whole, half, and quarter note themes will become a chord for two beats followed by a 16th note arpeggio or a repeating dotted quarter note theme in the bass while eight notes ascend through a harmonic minor scale. Perhaps an 8th note slurred ascending bass line as a sixteenth note arpeggio climbs in the alto voices? Goodness gracious!