Chords for Beginning Guitarists

Beginner · Modern Pick Style · 6 Lessons

This course is devoted entirely to the construction, analysis and performance of chords. It will take two approaches, the first of which is an intervallic based approach where we'll study and play through the primary chord types that we can then complicate with a variety of tensions.

In the second approach we will study chords by the keys that they exist naturally within. In other words, we'll harmonize a specific scale while determining what kinds of chords are being formed from each pitch within the key.

Introduction to Chords

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

Good day everyone and buenos días a todos! Suspended [sus] chords give us another way to color our chord progressions. In this Vid'jo™ on the subject we dive into what a suspension does to a chord. Then things get more specific in first position and focus on suspended 4th [sus4] chords from the key of C major. Good work everybody!

An Introduction to Chord Changes

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

Changing between chords is one of the nightmares of guitar playing in the early on times. In this session TheFretBuzz curator and founding member takes us through the art of changing between chords that have a similar gesture, or shape, non? When we move between chord types by maintaining a gesture, the days of adding fingers one at a time to make a chord change are over. Peace out to those days.

Chords from A Minor

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

This segment from TheFretBuzz™ has the beginning guitarist in mind. We run through the seven chords in the key of A Natural Minor (Aeolian), how to play the scale in first position, and then share how the chords are created from the scale. Harmony is awesome! There are seemingly endless possibilities for voicings and progressions. Practice your new chords and try to internalize how chords are created. Beautiful!

Fifth Chords ARE Power Chords

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

There is an infamous chord among rock players. Most call it a power chord but it's theoretical title is a fifth chord. It's made up of the root and fifth note of a major or minor scale. That distance is coincidentally called a Perfect 5th. No matter what key you're in a 5th chord is created this way and this Vid'jo demonstrates how to play these chord voicings on the fingerboard. Well alright!

Chord Symbols & Analysis, v.1

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

Using chord symbols to analyze a progression or a chords function in a key has tremendous importance. In this vid'jo we talk about how to categorize chords and harmonies into their respective Roman numerals so analysis, transposition, improvisation, arranging, and composition are a snap! Get to work!!

The Most Important Lesson About Chords.. EVER

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

Many guitarists, whether beginners or otherwise, know how to form chords but don't know from which keys the chords originate. Many are also unaware of the intervals, or space, between the notes that are constant, for example, between one major chord and another. In this guitar lesson we discover the makeup and many suggested fingerings for Major, Minor, Diminished and Augmented chords all over the fingerboard.

If you have comments or need clarification on any of the topics discussed in the lesson, feel welcome to get a conversation started in the discussion section below and The'Buzz will write too.