Modern Music Literature I

Beginner · Modern Pick Style · 3 Lessons

There are varying degrees to ones level of expertise when it comes musicianship skills, non? Not every tune, technique, discipline, sight reading exercise, is going to present the same challenges to you as it does to someone else, and vice verse. The Vid'jos in this course are designed to help with the transition from practicing chords, scales, arpeggios, interval training, etc. into applying them to actual music. Organized sound and silence, non?

With that in mind, let's get down with some modern pick style tunes that may present some challenges, stretch out our musical minds, and build the beginnings of exciting repertoire. It's on everybody!

Your Time is Gonna Come

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

This is a great tune to explore the use of G, C, and D major chords. It has a nicely placed D pentatonic minor riff as a turnaround and some cool arpeggios in the bridge. Try using D minor pentatonic and D mixolydian for improvising over the top of it.


Beginner · Modern Pick Style

A slightly more chill version of the original Hey-Ya graces our ears in this lesson vid'jo. The Outkast version is certainly potent, high-energy and the groove is gorgeous. Here we relax the whole thing and play the tune using four gorgeous, lush, and easily accessible chords in the key of E major. Strive toward changing chords on the down beat of each measure before adding in the right hand strumming pattern. You may hear folks use the term 'Rhythmic Theme' to describe a strumming pattern.. at least here at TheFretBuzz and other fine institutions of learning. Do you your best to keep the theme in mind as you play. Lock into it. Adopt it. Make it part of you, non?

Do I Wanna Know?

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

Do I Wanna Know is a great track by the Arctic Monkeys, the primates of the north. The actual melody is perfectly suited for the beginning guitar student BUT there is an awesome theoretical component to this lesson that intermediate players who are studying music theory will also find enlightening. Practice smart, Everybody!