The Hatchling Guitarist, Part 2

Beginner · Modern Pick Style · 8 Lessons

Well alright! Seems like we're moving right along. In The Hatchling Guitarist 201 we take our new found knowledge of string names, technique, tone production, simple chords, et cetera and push them all up to the next plateau. In this course we'll apply all of what we now know to simple melodies, new chords, simple progressions and more! Please always remember to practice slowly and to do all you can to memorize concepts as you practice. This will reinforce new movements for your hands and fingers and also help solidify your new language..


Melodies for Beginners 1

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

Good things are happening here. You, at this point are probably getting used to your pick and getting a good connection between your left hand fingers and the fret.

You might be noticing that when you try to play a note, you pick a string that is different than the one you are fretting. No worries. The melodies in this lesson will build your library of tunes, reinforce playing in time, and shore up your technique. Best advice at this point? Continue to practice slowly and for short periods of time. Muscle groups and new neural pathways are getting established for the first time and need frequent repetition to seed.

Scales in 1st Position

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

Scales are an absolute blessing. Why? For laying down the boards that everything else is placed upon. Note clusters, chords, arpeggios, progressions, melodies, good grief our improvisational language are all derived from them. The downside is that once the thrill of playing clean and fast wears off we still need them for the maintenance of good technical postures, non?


Let's get down everybody. The fledgling practitioner and the intermediate in need of review will benefit greatly from this Vid'jo™ showing the C and G major scales in first position on TheFretBuzz National Tri-cone Resonator. Be deliberate and consistent with your practice. Speed means NOTHING if the notes are muted and buzzing right? Be aware, focused, and never in a hurry with your practice at this stage. A note produced slowly with a refined motion is a hundred more productive than rattling through something quickly while muting, buzzing, or otherwise missing notes. And now, I jump down from my soapbox.

Chords From A Minor

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

This segment from TheFretBuzz™ has the beginning guitarist in mind. We run through the seven chords in the key of A Natural Minor (Aeolian), how to play the scale in first position, and then share how the chords are created from the scale. Harmony is awesome! There are seemingly endless possibilities for voicings and progressions. Practice your new chords and try to internalize how chords are created. Beautiful!

Alternate Picking in E Major

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

All of these great Vid'jos to guide us.. In this one, we go through alternate & economy picking patterns through spread chords in 1st position. A spread chord is where the notes of a chord are performed in series, like an arpeggio, but are allowed to resonant or sustain after they are sounded. In an arpeggio, one note becomes the next, ouí? Six string voicings of major 7, minor, sus, and dominant 7 chords are used.

Slurring on Some Telecaster

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

Once you become comfortable and aware of your left hand anatomy [wrist posture, finger positioning and alignment, tension awareness] and your notes are starting to sound consistently good, then we can start bringing in new techniques to make them sound even more robust. This lesson contains a Vid'jo™ demonstration and commentary to techniques like trills & slurs [hammer-ons and pull-offs]

Be aware than once you begin implementing these devices into your playing, you will never put down your guitar again! Don't say TheFretBuzz™ never warned you..

Vibrato on Single Strings

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

TheFretBuzz™ wants you to know about Vibrato. This Vid'jo is the beginning of understanding how to execute horizontal (cello-like) and vertical (Hendrix-like) vibrato on the guitar. When a melody, double stop, or chord is phrased with vibrato they take on a very lyrical quality. The tone produced is humanized. Like our voices, non? Enjoy the humanization!

Muting, Palm Style

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

Palm muting is an essential technique for playing pick style guitar. It offers a wider palette of tonal hues to allow the player an added complexity to their artistry. In other words, it's just downright dirty. In this session we explore how to control our right hand and wrist posture while palm muting and varying the intensity of the muted tones. Essential for the rock, jazz, fusion and blues guitarist and their ilk.

Muting, Apagado

Beginner · Modern Pick Style

En Español, apagado means dull, muted, lifeless, switched off, extinguished. The perfect collection of words to describe what our left hands will be doing to offer up some silence & space between chords. Good work everyone!