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Obnoxious Dexterity Workouts

Advanced · Modern Pick Style · 7 Lessons

This course is for folks who have had some experience with the guitar and want to give their hands something new to think about, perhaps open up a ...

Intro to rasgueados

Advanced Scale Concepts

Advanced · Modern Pick Style · 2 Lessons

In this course we'll explore the construction and use of modified and altered scales that can be used over more complex harmonies or on their own. ...

Medium progression ii

Progressions & Improvisation II

Advanced · Modern Pick Style · 3 Lessons

My goodness gracious! Does our work ever end? Is there a light at the end of a musical, artistic tunnel? I hope not.. what else would there be to s...

Medium pick style classical

Pick Style Classical 201

Advanced · Modern Pick Style · 2 Lessons

In this course you and The'Buzz will take your knowledge of chords, scales, harmony, rhythm, dynamics, articulation, and tone to a beautiful place....

Medium practice v. performance

Practice v. Performance

Advanced · Modern Pick Style · 2 Lessons

This is a supremely important topic for musicians of any ilk to appreciate and adopt to their philosophy. We will cover everything from practice ti...