Medium solea  level 1

Solea | Level 1

Beginner · Flamenco · 6 Lessons

In this beginning level course, we'll explore chord progressions, rasgueados, alzapúa, picados, and arpeggios as they relate to Solea or Solear...

Medium technical fundamentals

Developing Flamenco Technique

Beginner · Flamenco · 7 Lessons

This course covers anything and everything from posture and picados to rasgueados and workouts and so many things in between. Every lesson has a se...

Medium scale forms   picados

Scale Forms & Picados

Beginner · Flamenco · 1 Lessons

In this course we will work together on learning the theory behind how the scales in flamenco are formed, how to create memorable patterns for them...

Medium solea 2

Solea | Level 2

Beginner · Flamenco · 3 Lessons

In Solea | Level 2, we explore slightly more difficult rhythmic combinations, more involved progressions, picados, arpeggios, falsettas and the lik...

Medium technical fundamentals  v.1

Alegrías | Level 1

Beginner · Flamenco · 2 Lessons

Alegrías (al la GREE ahs) is a joyous sounding palos in the flamenco family tree. Customarily it is played in the por Arriba position, which me...

Negra inside 3  web

Siguiriyas | Level One

Beginner · Flamenco · 2 Lessons

For beginning and reviewing practitioners of flamenco guitar TheFretBuzz brings you this course introducing Siguiriyas. In this series of online le...